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Unique ?

Posted by Tai Kagamine Kokoro Veneziano Vargas on October 31, 2013 at 9:55 PM

I'm nothing special really. The world could do without me. Sure people would be sad, if I was gone, but they'd all move on with their lives eventually. I'm not saying I want to disappear... But would it be okay if I did ? I feel like there's nothing about me that is unique anymore.. Anyone could draw like me even better than me. Anyone could render animation against a black background. Anyone could write stories like I do. Anyone can do all that I do. I'm not needed. The world would be fine without me and I'd eventually be replaced anyways. My parents would weep.. My friends might too. But they'll live on. They'll remember but it won't stop them from living. I can't make that one person most special to me smile anymore. I've only hurt them more and more. And thats all I keep doing to people anymore. Hurting them. Pain isn't needed in this already corrupted world is it ? No.. I'm not needed either. I want to sleep and dream endlessly. I want to live in that world with that person smiling and kissing me inbetween the ears again, telling me how much they need me and want me by their side. That world is wonderful. God's creation is wonderful too, God creates my dreams too though. So that world is also God's creation. God creates everything. Everything can be so beautiful and yet so cruel. This world.. it will all be worthless in the end. I'm better off alone by myself. I want to push everyone away. I don't want their pity. I don't want the attention. I'd just like to be alone. The only person I want to look at me is him.. And he doesn't want to see me probably. Love is such a pitiful and terrible thing. It can blind you in an instant and steal away all your happiness when it decides to leave you. That love was my only light. The protector of light to me. Sora. The sky above my head filled with white fluffy clouds and a gentle summer's breeze. I remember it so well. The night under the fireworks, hearing his heart bounding as my ear lay on his chest. The sweet taste of chocolate at the end of the pocky's trail. The sweet love and warmth I felt from his touch. My heart pounding in delight at everything he did. I remember them all so well, they are my most precious memories after all. Memories that will soon fade from him. And I hate that thought more than anything else.. I've heard so many bad things about the one I love. I refuse to believe them true.. But in the end will the truth set me free or tear me apart like a wolf ? Will I be eaten alive by my heart's selfish desires ? I wonder about all of it. I heard you use women a lot I guess. You cheated on some right ? Did you really ? I don't see you as that kind of person. The protector of light saves hearts, so if it is found to be true, you can not be Sora. Rather perhaps, Riku or Vantias. Yes Vantias, the dark face of the protector of light. Maybe you have your reflection confused for another's ? Tell me do you know who you are ? Who are you Sora ? A lover ? A fighter ? A terrible person of darkness ? Tell me Sora, whose the shadow now ? Because it seems I became a heartless when you stole my heart. You have made me into the Shadow that I am now. You are the reason I have become like this... Hope you know that. Everytime I see you with that girl.. it hurts me more and more. Sorry but I can't cheer for you, I hope it doesn't go well. I can't wish you two happiness together. Understand ? Please.. .don't hate me. This entry got off topic..

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