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Liking someone ?

Posted by Tai Kagamine Kokoro Veneziano Vargas on November 3, 2013 at 8:45 PM

The feeling of liking someone can be so cruel, especially when it's one of your best friends and truthfully, one of your ex's close ones. The one you said you still like ? You still do and yet you feel toward the other ? It's strange. But wait, you liked this person longer ? And you still hide your feelings ? You coward. Why don't you even try ? I wonder that. Why is it I can't come forth with these feelings. After what happened last night my thoughts are filled with you. Did you really say you'd have cuddled me to sleep ? I would've loved that so much.. The next chance I have I want that to happen. Is that a weird desire ? Maybe you meant it as a friendly thing ? Maybe I read too much into your actions ? I don't understand. And you do a lot of things I hate.. it's weird that I like you ? I don't know why I've had these feelings for you for so long. You would possibly be considered something I don't like. You do so many annoying things. You do so many wrong things.. -sigh- So this is how cruel the feeling of wanting love is ? I liked you for a longer time than the other. I knew you first. You two were pratically my best friends. Is that why I fell for both your kindness ? I really want these feelings to reach you ! I want to confess after almost a year now.. But it's so scary ! When I get around you I'm sure my face will become red all over again ! Holding on to your belongings having the feeling of your presence somewhat in them.. I don't get why I have that feeling ! Could you just get the hint ? Do you have a clue ? Are you oblivious ?! Hey, are you listening ?! I really want to tell you. " You know I- " Ah. Nevermind it's nothing. I really want to tell you soon. But I guess I'm just afraid ? I don't want you to be like that other person. If you stop looking at me that way I'll get a little teary eyed. Don't treat me like such a child ! You're not a sibling to me. No I want to be more than your friend ! Look at me will you ? Hey I like you !

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