Welcome To My World.

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Songs and other creations


There's that smiling face of your's again,

but something really different about it.

Ah, thats right.

I almost hate it now.

Ah, this world is dead to me now,

the only light left has come and gone.

Hey, if you were the cause of my suicide,

wonder how that'd make you feel.

I don't want to go on anymore,

being forced to chase a love that isn't mine !

No, my heart won't let go, as you pull me along on a leash.

"Ah, this world is nothing but a sea of pain,"

I muttered as I took scissors in hand.

And the red flowed.

There's that silly laugh of your's again,

but it sounds different somehow.

Ah, thats right.

I almost hate it now.

Staring at the dead world through this window,

the sun from outside doesn't shine anymore.

Hey, if you were the end of the world,

wonder how that'd make you feel.

I don't want to continue on,

in a world thats so dead and lost all hope.

No, my heart won't stop crying, all the pain is pouring out.

"Ah, this world is nothing but an ugly thing."

I muttered as I took scissors in hand.

And the red flowed.

No matter how much I carve into myself, I can't reach.

No matter how much I cry, no one can hear me.

"It's useless, it's pointless. " 

The sounds signaling the ending sounds,

and the red overflows with my life.

So, in the end, is this what I wished for ?

My life leaks in a bright red.

My eyes are becoming heavy.

In my last moments, I can see your face.

And I almost hate it.


A lone girl sits at the edge of the classroom. 

People whisper silently around her.

She is not here.

She is in a whole other world.

Carrying a journal in her hand,

as she keeps searching for what she's lost again.

Always, the same scenario. 

"How many times have I repeated this ? " 

The lone girl sighs deeply.

" When will I get them all out of here ? " 

Her thoughts were drowned in a red color,

forced to repeat the endless days yet again.

Failing again, better luck next time!

She reached forward to another DEAD END.

There were so many enemies in those days,

even so she was not alone,

For she thought, we'll escape.

But cold words filled the air, 

choking her with every breath she took.

Her pain was drowned in a red color,

watching another death through her eyes.

Taking a few hits herself,

she ran away and tried not to look back.

"How many times have I had to watch my friends die ? " 

"No matter what I do I always end up alone."

"Even if they are here, I know they'll be killed."

"It's really painful."

"Time should stop rewinding."

"I should surrender to the enemy."

"And end this endless loop of endless days."

Now as she leaps out to take the fall,

the endless days were drowned in a red color.

Grinning at the sight of her end,

"You'll cause me no more pain," she said.

But as her eyes fell heavy,

the enemy continued to laugh.

" See you soon. " 

A girl awoke in her bed in horror.

The day was young, the world very dark.

Waking up to the same old scenario,

the girl fell to her knees.


You're pitiful, you disgust me, you're the thing I hate now.

But even so, I love you.

Knowing anytime that I grow close to someone

in the end they'll just leave.

The world is scary and painful.

It does nothing but hurt me.

"But you know," 

No matter where you g, you'll only hurt people.

Even if you were to disappear, you'd still end up hurting people.

That was the conclusion I arrived at.

No matter how much you hurt yourself, the cause cares not.

And each time you carve deeper into other's hearts.

No matter what you do, you'll end up hurting others.

Your heart at it's breaking point.

And I cried out.

The person I hate the most is the person I love.

How I wished to show you to pain you've caused,

in the end my heart is a toy again for other's desires,

and I stopped caring for it.

If I care for myself, I'm labeled as arrogant,

yet if I don't you pity me with words.

Why do I fear needles when I hurt myself ? 

I don't understand myself anymore.

That was the conclusion I arrived at.

No matter how much you cry, you'll only make others.

And each time all your tears are added to a sea.

You'll end up alone, or so you think.

Your hearts at a breaking point,

And I silenced myself.

What do I do ? Who am I suppose to ask that ? 

Trying to move on in an endless loop of those days.

Thats a pointless thing to do ? 

Holding onto my memories, I forgot my sanity.

What is sanity ? What is pain ? 

Who am I asking this ? !

"But you know,"

You shouldn't chase something you hate,

nor chase something you love.

That was the conclusion we'd arrived at.

No matter how you love it, it is no longer yours to love.

And they're all telling you the same thing,

they don't want to see you cry anymore.

Your hearts at a breaking point.

And I cried out.





Time only continued on throughout the summer days,

before long they has passed and the seasons changed.

The coming of winter excites, but I casn't feel it at all.

It saddens me.


Frozen in Summer's memories, the season doesn't seem to be changing.

The people around me and changing, the sky above me in changing.

However, no matter how much that I try, I only remain the same.

The seasons have stopped changing since that day.


No matter how much time passes by,

We are connected, by those sweet memories.

So sweet hellos, became goodbyes, on that day you made me cry.

Can you tell me the truth ?

I don't want this summer to end,

those sweet memories gone away,

I'm still stuck in Summer.


The memories of your voice and face escape me.

I can not remember them well.

My memories and mind are crumbling,

as nothingness swallows me.

New scars are appearing on my arms.


It's painful, It's lonely, in these endless memories.

The sadness won't leave me.


I have to pick myself up,

have to get moving on,

but any I try to stand up,

I just fall right back down.


My dreams haunt me, I can see you in them clearly now.

Reliving my memories in those nights waking up with wet tears in my eyes.

I remember our days so clearly,

and I want to sleep in them forever.


I'm lonely, I'm in pain, I want to see you again.

Please God, give me the chance to fix my past,

my only chance to be with you whom I love.

The seasons won't ever change, I'll remain in this past Summer.

No matter how cold it gets, my memories are already frozen.

So let us say our final hellos,

and rewind time.


At that time next year, I wonder if you'll remember.